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MALHAS CARJOR , S.A. was established in 1969.

Initially it was placed in Areias and it started with 10 employees. It produced uniquely external knit clothes for babies. Its production was absorved by national wholesalers.

The continuous search for quality led to a growth in the demand and the necessity of a new space where new production methods were to be implanted in order to correspond to the clients’ necessities. In 1975 CARJOR settles in a new space and begins to export to England.

Nowadays MALHAS CARJOR, S.A. has a stable position in the market disposing of technical, human and financial resources that impel the search of the finest juvenile clothing trademarks. The sales are mainly meant for the French, Italian, Spanish and North-American markets.

In an area in constant mutation it is necessary to know the market and have the ability to interact with it through concrete proposals that led to the clients’ expectations. This is the spirit that has been present in this company for the last 50 years. To achieve this goal, CARJOR has the support of flexible production methods, modern equipment and highly motivated human resources.

CARJOR was the first Portuguese enterprise of external knit clothes for baby and child to obtain the quality certification according to the NP EN ISO 9002 norm.

Carjor was the first European company to have seamless garment technology, where human intervention is residual in its production.

Carjor currently has a knit production line in 3D printers and with application of precious metals.

In 2017 Carjor obtained the OEKO-TEX 100 certification, certifying the excellence of its products, adapting them to the most demanding requirements of the market.

Through 50 years CARJOR has been faithful to the principles that were the base of its origin: " an enterprise must be a development sustained nucleus of the region in which it is inserted and the people that integrate it…".

Is this culture of responsibility that makes CARJOR an industrial organisation that it’s worth to work with.


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